​Genre Menu Challenge


Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to choose your independent reading books in your Language Arts class. But we (Ms. G and Miss P) challenge you to have your choices fit in with the menu course requirements below. Our goal is to provide a well-balanced “diet” of literature!

There are four plates on the Genre Menu, one for each quarter of the school year. To complete a plate you must read and fill out a Book Review for each book you choose to read. Plates have four courses: Appetizer (Required), Entree (Required), Side Dish (Required), and Dessert (Optional). The genres corresponding to each course are shown on the chart below. Each genre can only be used once throughout the year. Your Genre Menu will be kept in the LMTC, and a matching genre sticker will be added after each Book Review is finished. If your plate is completed with the three required courses by the end of the quarter, you will receive a goodie bag!



Side Dish


Adventure/Survival Fiction

Realistic Fiction

Non-fiction Biography

Fairytale and Folklore Fiction

Award-Winning Fiction

Historical Fiction

Non-fiction History

Graphic Novel

Fantasy Fiction


Suspense Fiction

Non-fiction Science

Humor Fiction

Story Collection Fiction

Sci-Fi/ Dystopian Fiction

Informative or How-to Non-Fiction

Mythology Fiction

Horror Fiction

Sports Fiction




Genre Book Review Forms

When you finish a book, fill out the corresponding book review form below:

Fiction Book Review   

(Use for all fiction genres--sci-fi, historical, mystery, realistic, sports, fantasy, humor, etc.)

Non-Fiction Book Review

Graphic Novel Book Review

Biography Book Review

Poetry Book Review

Story Collection Book Review

Then check you school email (@student account) for a response from Miss P.