Information Literacy
Information Literacy Lessons

On this page, you will find links, handouts, and other resources we will use for Information Literacy lessons.

6th Grade Lessons


OPAC Online Library Catalog

Get That Book Game (no resources to post)

Practice Keeping Track of Sources

Notes and rotating stations (no resources to post)

Creative Commons, and locating Copyright-free images

CC SlideShow  What IS Creative Commons? (from Mrs. G)

Database Scavenger Hunts

History Reference Center Scavenger Hunt

History Reference Center Tutorial (Video)

Science Reference Center Scavenger Hunt

Science Reference Center Tutorial (Video)


Student Research Center Scavenger Hunt 

Student Research Center Tutorial (Video)

Points of View Reference Center Scavenger Hunt

Points of View Reference Center Tutorial (Video)


Get to know the LMTC Website

Coming Soon!


Career Exploration   (List of links in Mackin VIA)

Works Cited Template (Google Doc)


7th Grade Lessons


Google vs. Databases

 Hardcopy assignment (no resources to post)

Search Engine Math

Hardcopy assignment (no resources to post)

Evaluating Websites



Copyright and Fair Use
Creator's Rights and Responsibilities by Ms. G. 

Hardcopy assignment (no resources to post)

8th Grade Lessons


Citation Makers



Keyword Search Skills

Practice your skills with these challenges from 21st Century Information Fluency​:


Because these games use ShockWaveFlash, they will only work in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge Browsers.



Keyword Challenges


Snowsport Challeng​es (3 levels)

Bunny Hill

Hit the Slopes

Black Diamond Run


 Soccer Challenges (3 levels)



Timed Search Challenges

Blue Diamond Challenge

Piranhas Challenge

14 more challenges



Even more interactive search games to challenge your skills

Search Skill Challenges​


Query Assess​​ment​  Test your skills!


A Google a Day Challenges



Media Literacy--Fake News

All Grades--Connections Week