Digital Citizenship

Digital Compass - Where are you headed? The only educational game that gives kids the freedom to explore how decisions made in their digital lives can impact their relationships and future. (from Common Sense Media)


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Media Center Fun

Media Center Fun


Try these links just for fun!

Don't Buy It: Get Media Smart

A media literacy website for young people that encourages users to think critically about media and become smart consumers. Activities on the site are designed to provide users with some of the skills and knowledge needed to question, analyze, interpret and evaluate media messages.
WiseBuys for Teens is a site brought to you by the Maryland Attorney General to help teens become smart consumers. Test your skills and learn some new tips.

Admongo from the Federal Trade Commission and Scholastic helps students develop critical thinking skills to understand advertisements. Live the ADventure! Welcome to Admongo where advertising is all around you. Online. Outside. On television. Who makes ads? How do they work? What do they want you to do? Here, you will explore, discover, and learn. Can you make it to the top?



Winged Sandals  Take the tour with Hermes the messenger god, through a magical place filled with awesome gods, daring heroes and fabulous monsters.


Fun with Dewey!
Yes! Really! Try these links out for some Dewey Decimal games and an award-winning WebQuest designed by students.

Do the Dewey A multi-level challenge.

"Do We" Really Know Dewey? A webquest designed by 5th and 6th graders from Nettleton Intermediate Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas.


Think Fun Games

Try these online version of games we have in the media center.

Rush Hour--Traffic Jam Puzzle
Laser Maze --Beam Bending Logic Game

Geography Games

Interactive Geography Games

USA Geography Games

Test Your Geography Knowledge

Interactive Map Games

Geography Games


Keyboarding Games 
Keyboarding Games
Only Typing Games 
Dance Mat Typing
Free Typing Games

Free Typing Game.Net (includes games and tests)




No matter your level, keyboarding skills can always be improved! Create a free account at Typingweb. When you create an account, your progress can be tracked and you can work on lessons related your personal problem keys. Cover your fingers and work on the LESSONS, not the games.​