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Academic Support



When a student is struggling in class, there are a number of avenues to consider for seeking help.  Below are a few suggestions available for you and your student to consider:


  • Parent/Teacher conferences:  Mid October or Mid March (see D20 calendar for dates)


  • Infinite Campus:  Grades should be checked weekly by both students and guardians.  You can view grades for each class including specific assignments by clicking on the class name or notebook icon.  The usernames and passwords are given out by District 20’s Central Office.  Call 234-1200 for assistance.  If you have an iPhone or Android mobile phone, you may also download the Mobile Campus Portal App three ways:  iPhone Apple Store; Android Play Store; or the D20 homepage.  Follow the instructions on the D20 homepage for mobile login. Directions are also posted on our EMS login page found on the dialpad of the home page.


  • Morning Academic Student Help (MASH) & Student After School Help (SASH):  Eagleview offers a study hall environment facilitated by our own teachers every day in the Library/Media Center before and after school.  See schedule below:
    • MASH – 7:40 – 8:25 Wednesday and Thursday
    • SASH – 3:40 – 4:25 Monday through Thursday

For more information, visit our MASH/SASH page

  • Communicate personally with your child’s teacher(s), and encourage your child to do so first.  Focus on the classes that your student may fail.  Teachers have 100-120 kids; therefore, they cannot email you every time your child fails to turn in an assignment, nor do they have time to read or write paragraphs of information on email.  Communicate as needed.  Please be brief in your email, such as, “How is … doing?”  To communicate by email with your child’s teacher, go to theStaff/Teams section of the EMS website.  You can also email staff directly through the Infinite Campus Portal.


  • Team Newsletters:  Each team emails parents at a minimum once a month (some teams share a week-at-a-glance) updating parents on what content is consistently being taught, what units they’ve recently completed, and any upcoming event details.  If you are not receiving these email newsletters, please be sure your contact/email information is accurate and up-to-date in Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  If you have questions, please contact your grade-level administrator.


  • Private Tutoring:  If you wish to hire someone to tutor your child, contact the student’s School Counselor for a list of District 20 approved private tutors.  Or, download this list from the EMS Counseling website. 


Please discuss with your student the options available to him/her to pass classes.  Also, make a plan on how to accomplish this task.  Possibly start with a ‘Monday Night Grade Check’ to start building accountability towards success.  Contact your grade level counselor or visit the counseling page on the EMS website for more information on this helpful tool.