Student Academic Support at EMS

Student After School Help (SASH) is offered  after school Monday through Thursday. A teacher is available for homework help each session. This is an excellent opportunity to receive individual support on class work.

SASH isheld in the Library Media and Technology Center. . SASH starts at 3:40 and goes until 4:25. A student may be excused earlier than 4:25 if a parent comes in to SASH and signs the student out.

Student Expectations

  • Come prepared to work
  • Have a pass (SASH) if you are late
  • NOTa social hour
  • Work on homework, missing assignments, projects, reading
  • Sign in and out
  • Ask permission to go to your locker, bathroom, etc.
  • Computers and a printer is available for school work
  • Appropriate student behavior or parents may be contacted to pick up students early
  • Some educational games are available, once a student has shown the teacher on duty that he/she has no missing assignments