Teams and Teachers

Meet our Teams of Teachers!

A team is a group of people, in this case educators, who come together to achieve a common goal. In our case, the team teaching concept involves collaboration towards a type of instruction that lends itself toward the teaching of one subject matter in such a way that it supports and builds on other subjects at the same time. In this environment, students benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of all curriculums and how such knowledge interrelates between educational disciplines.


Our team concept extends beyond just individual groups of teachers banded together as teams, to the entire faculty and even the community. We all know that by coming together in support of one another and supporting our students' development as one big team, we will achieve our mission statement:  "Eagleview Middle School, in partnership with our community, is a safe culture based on trust, that provides challenging, innovative, and engaging educational experiences, while meeting the unique learning needs of all students and empowering students to succeed with integrity in a diverse and global society."


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