Volunteering at EMS


Eagleview is a busy place! We have many ways parent and community volunteers can help out-- helping teachers, helping in the library, tutoring, preparing for events, and more.


Some frequently asked questions...


Q:   Can I volunteer at EMS?
A:   YES! Once you have been approved as a volunteer, we have many opportunities for volunteers…helping teachers, tutoring students, helping in the library…and other projects.

Q:   How does the approval process work?


A:   First, you will need to fill out the application below.

Parent Volunteer Application

Non-Parent Volunteer Application

Next, you will need to pay the fee for a background check and any required fingerprinting.

​Parent Volunteers ​ Non-Parent Volunteers​ ​
CBI Background Check​ $6.85​ ​CBI Background Check​ $6.85​
​FBI Fingerprinting ​$39.50
​TOTAL due to EMS ​$46.35

Paid to Police Dept. for Fingerprinting



Q:   Once I have the form and fingerprinting completed, to whom do I return the forms?

A:   Please return forms and fees to Brenda Dale in the EMS Office. The process may take several days, and Brenda will contact you once approval has been received.

Q:   If I have already gone through the District 20 Volunteer Approval process at another D20 school, do I have to be approved again at EMS?

A:   NO. If you have already been approved as a volunteer at another D20 school, we can call and verify your status and then you will be able to volunteer at EMS. Once approval is granted, it is good for the entire time you have a student in District 20.

Q:   Are D20 Substitutes and former D20 teachers required to complete the same paperwork and fees?

​A:   Usually not, if you already have fingerprinting on file with District 20. Contact Brends Dale in the EMS office and she can check on what is needed.

Q:  Whom do I contact for more information?

​A:  Brenda Dale in the EMS Office coordinates our volunteers. She can be reached at 719-234-3438 or mailto:Brenda.Dale@asd20.org