6th Grade Common Writing Assessment 



Today you will be researching bats.  You will read one newspaper article, one fact chart and view one video.

As you read and view the following texts, you will gather information on a sheet of notebook paper so you can write an essay.


Click on the links below to access the resources. Hint: if you right click on the link with your mouse, you can open the link in a new tab. That way, you can have all three resources open at once. Open a new tab and create your document in your Google Drive using Google Docs.


“Batty Facts”  (fact chart)

“Vampire Bat Debate: To Kill or Not to Kill”  (newspaper article)

“Vampire Bats Biting People”  (video)


Alternate link to video


After reading “Batty Facts” and “Vampire Bat Debate: To Kill or Not to Kill” and viewing the video, “Vampire Bats Biting People,” do you believe bats should be exterminated?  Write a claim supporting your position and support it with specific evidence from all three resources.