Devices as EMS

Students may bring their own devices (BYOD)
or borrow a device (DPD).
Please see below for directions.

​I have the same BYOD I used last year at EMS...
  • Keep using it! 
  • Bring it with you,charged, on your first day of in-person learning.
  • For tech help call email

I have a new BYODevice.
I still have my DPD from last year...
  • Keep using it!
  • Bring it with you,charged, on your first day of in-person learning.
  • For tech help email
I would like to borrow a DPD this year...

Please email with any questions.
​Still need help? Email We will respond as promptly as we can. Please be patient, as we have high volume of tech issues. 
​District Provided Device FAQ

- #1 Tip: Have you tried turning it off and on again? 

- Are you connected to your home wifi?

- All DPDs need to be logged into with AD\ infront of student number at homeDPD Home Log in.jpg

- Global Protect needs to be connected each time you log into the device. This may happen automatically, or you may have to press connect. You will not be able to access our school platforms without Global Connect on school devices. 
Global Protect Connect.jpg