National Junior Honor Society
General Information ​
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Summertime Service Announcement

In addition to getting Service Hour sheets signed, students should keep a list of all hours. Students can write it down or create something electronically in Excel or Google Sheets. This will allow students to have a running total to know how many hours have been completed.


I do not regularly check my teacher email over the summer. Go forth and serve others! Try new things and help out everywhere you can. We can figure out all the rest when we return to school in August.


Have a great summer!


Mrs. White

Special Service Requirement
All NJHS members are required to help with a school project. We will have one event in December and one in February. Please choose one to help plan during lunch. Before and after school opportunities for hours will be available during each event.

We only meet as a large group in August/September. For the rest of the school year, students will get NJHS information through emails from Mrs. White and Talon announcements.  
Service Hours
Reminder - every NJHS member needs to complete 20 hours of community service and 20 hours of school service. If you aren't sure what counts for hours, please see the Service Hours Definition document.

Definition of NJHS Service Hours.pdf