Library Media and Technology Center FAQs

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Q: How many books (and playaways) can I have checked out?
A: You can have 4 books or playaways checked out.
Q: How long can I keep a book?
A: You can keep books and playaways for 2 weeks.
Q: Can a book be renewed?
A: Yes, a book can be renewed up to two times.
Q: Is there a fine for books returned after the due date?
A: There is a 14-day grace period. After that, a $2 fine per book is charged to your account.
Q: Can I check out books if I have an overdue?
A: No, no additional materials can be checked out if you have an overdue or owe any fines.
Q: Can magazines be checked out?
A: Yes, magazines can be checked out for three days. They are due back by 8:30 in the morning they are due. Late returns are charged $ .25 per day.
Q: Is there a photocopy machine in the library?
A: Yes, the machine is next to the circulation desk. The cost is $ .10 per page.

Q: Can I come to the LMCT during the day?

A: Students can come to the LMTC anytime as long as they have a pass from their teacher. Teachers can send up to five students at a time.

Q: Can I print from the resource computers in the LMTC or computer lab?

A: Students can print from their network account. Pages are tracked and charged to their network account.