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Student Character and Climate Survey.

Dear Student,
We invite you to respond to the annual survey on Character Education and Climate from your perspective as a student at your school.  The purpose of this annual survey is to collect information that will lead to improving the overall experience and educational opportunities for all students in Academy School District 20.  For that reason, your honest feedback is unquestionably valuable to this process.  This year's survey is being administered by a third party, the Hanover Research team, and they will be analyzing the data and providing that information to the District 20 team for careful review and attention to areas that might need improvement.  This year, as in the past, parents and staff will also be invited to take a similar survey.




Parent/Student Infinite Campus Portal 

Check your grades and assignments on IC.

Mobile App District ID:

Academy 20

Instructions for downloading the IC Portal App

Extended Parent Portal


Note: A parent and/or guardian must complete password setup in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal before he or she will be able to log into the Extended Portal to reset his or her student's password. 

  • View/Update Student Information (Transportation, Immunizations and Physical/Emergency Contacts
  • View/Update Household Information
  • Sign Student Agreements Electronically
  • Set/reset student passwords

Google Drive (Student)

Access to student Gmail and documents. A great place to save and share documents and collaborate with others.

​Username: student ID number @ student.asd20.org

Password: your District password

Information Sheet

Works best with Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Google Classroom



You will need to be logged in to Google Drive to access Google Classroom.


​Same as Google Drive above.

You will need a one-time code from your teacher to join a specific class.

Student Password Change Self-Service

Allows students to CHANGE their Active Directory password used for their computer, Infinite Campus, D20 applications, and Google Drive. 


If you cannot remember your password it will need to be reset through Extended Parent Portal (see above) or by a staff member in the LMTC.

Do NOT share your password!

Choose a password you can remember.


In order to CHANGE your password, you need to know your current password.



Academy Learning through Education Collaboration (D20's Moodle sites).

Teachers' Course Sites are housed here.

​Works best with Mozilla Firefox browser.

CMAS Practice Tests

  • ELA
  • Math
  • Science (8th Grade)
  • Social Studies (7th Grade)

Practice Tests


Practice using all the accessibility features and tools available to all students

 accessibility features and tools available to all students.pdf



Link to all the practice tests.

Renaissance Learning and STAR Assessment


Used for student assessment.

KHAN Academy

​Use your Google Drive login and password

Math Online Textbooks

Big Ideas Math

College Preparatory Mathematics

Help with logging in to the BIG IDEAS textbook


Help with logging in to the CPM textbook

ALEKS online Math


​Math support

Science Online Textbooks



​They have arrived!

See your teacher for the username and password.  :o)

Social Studies Online Textbooks​See your teacher for the username and password.


Naviance helps students in middle school “think big” about their potential in life and start planning college and career pathways by connecting what they’re doing in the classroom to their life goals.  Assessments help students discover their strengths, personality type, and learning styles, and connect those with relevant career fields.

Your username is your student ID# and your password is your first initial, last initial and 6-digit date of birth, or the same as your Active Directory password.

Staff 20Net​ Benefits, Report an Absence
EMS Staff 20Net​Go directly to the EMS 20Net page
Staff Office 365​OneDrive, WebMail
8th Grade Reflection