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Our Soar Superstars for first Quarter have been announced. These students go above and beyond expectations each day. Click on the links to see the videos that our team teachers made to announce and congratulate each recipient. 

On behalf of EMS, thank you for your hard work and perseverance. Keep up the great work. We are proud of you.               

6TH Grade  
  7th Grade   
  8th Grade
​6th Burgundy- Swathi M
7th Burgundy- Lily Kate F
​8th Burgundy- Chase N
6th Burgundy- Mason C
7th Burgundy-Jed H​8th Burgundy- Aspen D
6th Maroon- Evelyn B​
7th Maroon- Jameson W
​8th Maroon- Ren R
​6th Maroon- Owen B
7th Maroon- Cheyenne A
​8th Maroon- Tasneim S
6th Silver- Ryan D​​
​7th Silver- Kinley A
8th Silver- Elanor D

6th Silver- Lexie L
​7th Silver Conner H
​8th Silver- Luke S
6th Silver- Carmen R

​​6th Spanish I- Lillian V
​​7th Spanish II- Avery B
​8th Spanish III- Katelyn B