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Personalized Learning

​Our goal is personalized learning. We hope to prepare our students using a device they can use both at school and at home. Our goal is to make teaching and learning more productive.  We focus on learning, not simply the use of technology.  There are many paths to mastery and students can use technology as a tool to support the way they learn. District Provided Devices (DPD) enable us to move beyond the capacity of traditional computer labs allowing us to incorporate technology into the classroom on demand.

Charging, Earphones & Printing

​Students are expected to come to school with their device fully chargedand ready to use. Each student should bring their own charging cables. Classrooms and other locations are equipped with charging stations.

We recommend that each student bringing a device to school also bring ear buds or ear phones. This allows the student to listen to audio material without disturbing other students.

Students will not have access to school printers from personal devices. School computers are available in the LMTC for access to a printer.