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Education by Design

As arts programs at U.S. schools are cut, Eagleview Middle School is different. Our Academic Arts Academy balances core learning with the arts. Unique within Academy District 20, we are also one of few in the nation to integrate the arts with our core studies. It’s our belief a meaningful connection to the arts results in more well-rounded individuals.  Read about our Arts Academy.

Learning from Experience

Heads, hands and hearts are used within the Eagleview environment. Learning by doing is a powerful and proven approach that sparks unique thinking in school and for years to come.   Details on learning by doing.

Technology in the Classroom

At Eagleview, we give students additional opportunities to learn by making computers an integral part of their learning, with daily dedicated access to technology. Find out more about technology use at EMS.

Learn About District Provided Devices (DPD) Troubleshooting